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Conservation of our natural environment

Catch and Release


At Lynebain, fishing is by fly only and we enforce a code of restraint with a maximum of two fish to be retained in any one week, all other fish should be returned. In addition, in September and October all hen fish and red cock fish should be returned.We support Catch and Release and can offer guidance in best practise of this conservation method. Furthermore, the use of barbless or pinched flies is strongly recommended to reduce damage and increase the chance of returning fish unharmed.


We are strong supporters of the Deveron, Bogie & Isla River Board’s Code which can be consulted HERE 



Gyrodactylus Salaris Parasite

The Gs parasite is a highly contagious bug that has devastated salmon stocks in foreign countries, especially in Norway. We want to keep it out of Scotland's rivers.


Here's what you need to do

The Gs parasite needs a wet environment to survive. If you have been fishing in other countries before coming to Scotland, please make sure that any watersports equipment (such as waders, all fishing equipment, bags, canoes and windsurf gear) is completely dry before use in Scotland.

To ensure your equipment is not contaminated, please take one of the following precautionary measures:

- Dry equipment at a minimum of 20°C for at least 2 days;

- Heat for at least 1 hour at above 60°C;

- Deep freeze for at least 1 day; or

- Immerse in a GS killing solution for minimum 10 minutes.


For more information, please CLICK HERE





In the interest of conservation, the fields alongside the river have been fenced off to prevent animal erosion of the river banks and encourage the rich natural habitat of these areas to flourish.